I believe that it is every woman’s birthright to be living her life to its full potential. I also believe that by sharing her success and fulfilment with other women, she will inspire them to do the same. It is with that objective in mind that I have created ‘The Women Who Make Things Happen Show’. In a conversational and sometimes very raw and vulnerable way, the amazing women I am interviewing share their journey to success.They also talk about the challenges they have been facing and what helped them overcome them.

It is my deepest desire that by listening to these interviews you too become inspired to Make Things Happen in your life!

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Episode 111 – Sandra Pilarczyk, founder at Fearless and Live
Sandra shares with us how she turned her own fear of visibility and public speaking into a business helping introverted business owners get comfortable with being visible.

Sandra Pilarczyk is a 100% introvert and no fluff German who is a trainer & business mentor for introverted business owners. She took the leap to create a business around helping introverted entrepreneurs like her to share their authentic message.
Sandra helps them to get comfortable with getting visible by consistently showing up!



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Episode 110 with Stephanie Savill, owner at Foxy Ladies Drivers Club

Stephanie Savill shares with us why and how she created a female friendly approved standard of motoring services for women in the UK.

Stephanie Savill’s early career was spent in educational travel, culminating in Board roles within Granada, Mecca and Rank PLCs.
After her MBA made her restless her stepdaughter had a bad garage experience and the idea of the UK’s first motoring club for women became irresistible!
In 2015 the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) awarded her their ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Motor Industry on behalf of women drivers’.

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