Is fear ruling your life?

Do you often procrastinate?
Are you often afraid to take risks?
Are you mainly worrying about what might happen whether in your own life or in the world at large?
Are you often dreaming of something different in your life without really taking any step to transform that dream into a reality?

If you have answered any of those questions by yes, chances are that fear is ruling your game. But it doesn’t have to be like that!

I have experienced some very challenging situations myself but I have learned that it is possible to turn them around by stepping beyond my fear. That’s how fear can become a fuel.

What would your life and business look like

if you knew how to use fear as a fuel

instead of letting it paralyse you?

Fear is everywhere and it will always be but how we react to it
is what determines what our life looks like.
For most people however it results in stagnation, in giving up on their dreams
and also in living in a world of impossibilities.

But what if there were another way?

“Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway”

three-hour workshop

Saturday July 23, 2016
2 pm – 5 pm
NH Kensington
202 – 220 Cromwell Road
London SW5 0SW

(nearest tube: Earl’s Court)

What you will walk away with

  • A clear understanding of what fear is and why it can rule your life if you let it do so

  • Tools to help you step out of fear when it creeps up

  • An action plan

  • An accountability partner to help you stick to your action plan

Who this is for

This workshop is for you if  you are:

  • procrastinating,
  • having a hard time converting your dreams of success, fulfilment and achievement into a reality,
  • spending more time struggling in your personal and/or professional life than actually enjoying it
  • having a sense of disillusion
  • feeling too afraid to take any form of risk

Not sure this is for you?
Book a complimentary call with me to find out.

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About me

AnYes-149I know everything about fear. I became conscious that it had been ruling my entire life only a few years ago when I realised that the circumstances we face in life are always the consequence of the choices we make whether they are conscious or not.
Two years ago I have been very challenged and my personal life was such a big mess that it left me completely broke. Instead of stepping into victimhood, I took charge and decided that this was an amazing opportunity to reconsider all my choices in life and business. One of the choices I made was to move to London from Paris despite the fact that I had no income and no roof. Talking about fear, that was a very scary move, but I embraced the fear and did it anyway and it took me only six months to be up and running again!
Today, my 
passion in life is to empower women and I have three complimentary activities to do so:

I am a life and business success mentor at Success On Your Own Terms. I help female entrepreneurs and small business owners implement the mindset, strategies, systems and tools that will allow them to work ON their business and no longer in it.

I am the founder and host of the Women Who Make Things Happen Show, a weekly video interview series where I interview women who have succeeded in making their dream come true and/or have succeeded in reinventing their life, so that in doing so they can inspire other women to do the same.

I’m the owner of the Athena Central London female network. At Athena Central London we go far beyond business referrals. We are a community of women who grow personally and professionally by leveraging the power of trust, collaboration, learning, sharing, support and last but not least…. friendship.

If you want to find out more about me and how I can help you, you can send me an email at or call me at 07470 244 415

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